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Pioneer of the Business Driven PMO - Mark Price Perry

As a result of his work with PMOs, experiences leading or being served by a PMO, and research conducted in support of his published books and articles, Mark pioneered the concept of the Business Driven PMO and has become a recognized thought leader and sought after public speaker.

Often characterized as a "boat-rocker" and outspoken critic, Mark challenges the traditional approach to PMO setup and management that has been advocated and practiced within the industry and that has led to PMO failures and loss of executive support. 

Mark offers an alternative approach to PMO setup and management, an approach driven by specific needs of the business as determined by the leadership team, not industry standards or the latest PMO models, buzzwords and hype.

Mark is the author of the Business Driven PMO book series, published by J. Ross Publishing. 

Mark is the creator and host of The PMO Podcast, a free podcast for PMO managers with 272 podcast episodes. 


Mark Price Perry is a true industry 'Thought Leader'. That is hackneyed term these days, but an appropriate one in his case. His published work on building and managing business appropriate PMOs (augmented by powerful case studies) is essential reading for advanced practitioners in the field. I've used the principles he shares in my own practice as a PMO Director in Canadian Healthcare, and as a volunteer consultant to at least three non-profit organizations. His counsel is both evidence and experience based, and can be quite transformational to those who reflect deeply on, and who implement the things he advises. Underlying all of his writing is a generous and open-hearted desire to share the best of what he has learned through a rich, demanding and varied career in project management. I'm honored to recommend him. -- Dev Ramcharan, Portfolio Director, TD Bank

Mark Price Perry is at the top of my list of PMO experts in the world. In addition to his exhaustive depth of expertise resulting from working with hundreds of PMOs, Mark brings a true servant leader perspective to what a a PMO is and how it should support other parts of the organization. His contributions to the industry through public presentations, workshops, podcasts, blogs and his 'Business-Driven' series of books make him a true thought leader and a driving influence for redefining the role of the PMO in modern business. Mark enjoys an immense amount of loyalty and respect from his team, peers and clients as a result of his personality and attitude as much as his knowledge. Mark's trademark is his ability to always consider things from others perspectives. He is a natural leader by virtue of his wit, wisdom, and willingness to selflessly give rather than to take. Mark is a personal inspiration to me by consistently reflecting the highest levels of professionalisms, ethical behaviour and humility. -- Terry Doerscher, Project Portfolio Management and PMO Consultant

Mark Price Perry knows PMO's. Having known him for many years, I continue to benefit from his real-world and practical experience with middle-market and Fortune companies. He has solved the PMO portal problem. When faced with either taking my own engagement or referring a prospective client to an expert in this specific area of need, I have often referred Mary instead of taking on new clients. If you are an expert in Project Management processes and deploying them to an organization, you should talk to Mark. On a personal note, this is a person you can put in front of your CEO, CIO, COO, VP of Project Management or PMO leader. Etiquette is art for this gentleman and scholar. Most highly recommended. -- John Schlichter, Founder OPM Experts 

Mark Price Perry is a true visionary and possesses a very deep understanding of PMO to business matters and concepts. I had the pleasure, and more so the honor, of meeting Mark during a Gartner IT Governance and PPM Summit. I was totally amazed and intrigued by the wealth of practical knowledge he had and was able to articulate, clearly. Obviously, Mark has established an enterprise which has the genuine concerns of the customer in mind --- I look forward to future engagements with him. -- Sylvester Johnson, Enterprise IT and Business Leader, Vision Management Institute

Mark Price Perry is a true thought leader... a tremendous speaker and a great person to partner with. His presentations delight! He understands how to provide his audience with strategies, tactics and suggestions to help them avoid pitfalls and be leaders in their own right. A great pleasure to work with and be connected to Mark. -- Dan Horwich, CEO CampIT Conferences

My team has had the pleasure of working with Mark Price Perry for the past several years. He has given several presentations and seminars to our project management clients around the topic of setting up and improving a project management office. As an instructor and leader in the field, he is clearly passionate about the subject and it is infectious. His energy level each time he engages the crowd is inspiring and captivating. Moreover, he is a strong supporter of interactive learning and he makes it a priority to ensure that our clients are obtaining tools that will allow them to make a positive impact at their organization after having left our classroom. I would strongly recommend Mark and can validate that he delivers a high quality educational experience. -- Maria Cvitkovic, Account Executive, Blackboard